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Why use ConnectMe? 

People love deep discounts. But some of your best customers may feel unvalued if strangers get better deals than they do. With ConnectMe you can reward your most loyal customers with first look at new arrivals, special events, and one-of-a-kind items.  


  • Get rid of excess merchandise quickly and discreetly.
  • No technical assistance needed, no software to download or install.
  • Give your top spenders more ways to spend money with you.
  • Let our creative services team bring your flash sales ideas to life.
  • Use it only when you need to make something happen.

Simple to use.

Tired of steep learning curves? ConnectMe is different. When you want to launch a flash sale, send us a text using the 5STRZ ('57879') short code. That's it. No fancy web interfaces, no complicated rules.



  • Short codes are special telephone numbers used by phone companies worldwide to handle business text messaging.
  • Send us a single image and we'll turn it into a beautiful, pixel-perfect web page (see left). Or - send images of new arrivals and we'll turn it into a 720p DVD-quality video instead.
  • During the beta, we will provide complimentary contact list management services -- send us your business cards, spreadsheets and daily deal vouchers, we'll convert them into clean CSV spreadsheets.

Connect with nearby businesses.

With ConnectMe you can deploy flash sales targeting VIPs who are already in your mailing lists, but also people within walking distance who have never visited you before. How is this possible?

ConnectMe helps you build permission-based relationships with other nearby businesses, hotels and residences. If they invite you to become a preferred vendor, we give you the resources and capabilities you need to create special amenities and perks for their VIPs.

Our business is designed around companies who are more interested in building long-term relationships than a fast buck. There's no better incentive for service.



Make more money.

ConnectMe lets you create last-second promotions using your mobile device.


We teach you how to launch more profitable flash sales by learning how to connect with better buyers.   

Discover how to increase profits when you work with nearby hotels, residents or office workers.  

Any manager can sell a cancellation or temporary overstock just by sending a text message.   

“Perhaps the most revolutionary change that Twitter search is offering, compared to traditional search, is that each “result” you find has a person attached to it.”

– Danny Sullivan

“Customer service is a critical success metric.”

– Jade Bailey, Wynn Resorts

“Real-time feedback in the form of tweets, clicks, searches and more makes it easier to gather the data we need, but it does not necessarily help us act on it.”

– Steve Rubel, Edelman Digital

“Real time is the new primetime.”

– Queen Rania of Jordan

“New mobile services, some social, are arming consumers with essential real-time information and changing our behaviors and expectations.”

– Steve Rubel, Edelman Digital

“50% of all consumer conversations about brands refer to a company’s marketing activities.”

– Keller Fay Research

“Every business today must try to catch up to consumers by becoming one that loves living in real time.”

– Steve Rubel, Edelman Digital

“Situational awareness is the practice of being aware of what is happening around you to understand how information, events, and your own actions will impact your goals and objectives.”

– Wikipedia

“Do what you do best and link to the rest. ”

– Jeff Jarvis

“Organizations also need to stay one step ahead of customers by leveraging face-to-face technologies before others do.”

– Steve Rubel, Edelman Digital

“Less than 10% of word of mouth conversations happen online.”

– Keller Fay Research

“"(To succeed…companies) must allow (their) work force to unlock and share their company and subject-matter expertise."”

– Steve Rubel, Edelman Digital

“Companies should...built an unpaid army of advocates - get your customers to do the work for you.”

– Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group

“The average American consumer mentions specific brand names 60 times per week in conversations.”

– John Moore, TalkTrack

“More data were generated by individuals in 2009 than in the entire history of mankind. ”

– Andreas Weigland, Amazon.com

“People's influence on each other rivals online advertising.”

– Josh Bernoff, Forrester

For Main Street.
Use flash sales to cater to your VIPs no matter where they are.

For Venues.
Make local businesses compete for the privilege of serving your VIPs.